Tips and Ideas for a Baby Shower

How to Plan a Baby Shower ?

Planning a baby shower is considered to be one of the confusing task for many Parents-To-Be. There are many questions which confuse them every time they think about throwing a baby shower. But, this new phase of life is not about getting tensed or confused.Are you still confused about throwing a baby shower? Tiny Pumpkin is here to guide you with all the indispensable information anent how to celebrate this day without any worries.

Baby Shower

Importance of having a baby shower Red heart



During pregnancy, many parents feel nervous, confused, daunted while wondering about many things; baby’s health, delivery phase, things to shop for baby and mama and many more. The importance of this day is to release this anxiety and stress from parent’s mind and help them to get mentally prepared for the big change to come in their life . Organizing this day is also very paramount for mama and Papa to be so that they can have fun while playing games and having gifts from their near and dear ones on this special occasion.

Who Can Host The Party? Red heart



Well!! this party can be hosted by anyone who is willing or happy to know this big news. He/She can be your best friend, mother,father,In Laws and colleagues. The best thing is you can also be your own party’s host and can plan everything by your own will and choice.

When To Host The Baby Shower? Red heart

baby shower


During the midst of your pregnancy, probably in the beginning of third trimester (which is the seventh month), many parents throw baby bash. This phase is considered to be safest for both baby and mama. The baby is in danger free zone in this time as he/she gets developed properly. Some parents organize this day in the last month (9th month) of pregnancy. Well! there are some parents who cannot wait to throw a party as they feel on the cloud nine when they hear the news of their baby’s arrival.

Venue For Baby Bash Red heart



Thinking about the location of hosting a baby shower is the most challenging thing. But there are two options to keep in mind. One hosting a party indoor and the other option is organizing it in outdoor area. If you want to throw a party indoors then you can book any banquet, hall,or it can be your own house. Outdoor options can be a park, backyard and a beach.

List Of Guests Red heart

The list of guests is different in every case. Some people like to invite only close chums while others are in favour of inviting relatives too. But one should keep in mind that always ask the Mother To Be whom she wants to enjoy the party with, after all this celebration is for her happiness.

baby shower

Here are some suggestions for guest list to invite on this big day;

  • Best friends
  • In Laws
  • Relatives
  • Neighbours
  • Colleagues

Always keep in mind- only invite those guests who are close to you otherwise the party will become formal and least enjoyable.

Select A Theme Red heart

Selecting a theme can be fun. There are plenty of options to choose from the list below.

Themes for baby boy:-

baby shower


  • Cowboy themed baby bash
  • Mustache themed baby bash
  • Harry Potter themed baby bash
  • Elephant themed baby bash
  • Royal Prince themed baby bash

Themes for baby girl:-

baby shower


  • Mermaid themed baby bash
  • Little princess themed baby bash
  • Powerful girl themed baby bash
  • Unicorn themed baby bash
  • Rainbow themed baby bash

Baby Shower Checklist Red heart

A baby shower checklist will help you to plan your occasion easily. A secret for a successful baby shower is planning it already. Always keep a check on these five essential steps before proceeding for your baby shower.


baby shower checklist

After you are done with all the planning just Relax and Enjoy your Gala day. Have a safe and cheerful party. Gift with a bow

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