Baby Growth Chart Recommended By WHO

Babies are god’s creatures who comes in every size and shape. They are molten moulds and can be moulded mentally and physically. Every baby’s development speed is different from one another. It is very crucial to understand and know whether your Tiny Pumpkin is developing at a proper pace and time or not. We have an indispensable information on baby’s growth to calculate the development of baby.

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Parameters to Calculate Baby Head Circumference, Weight and Height

Well!! there are three parameters through which the growth of baby is calculated. Doctors ensures the right count must be obtained in order to have baby’s good health.

  1. Length: Length in babies who are too young to stand is calculated while lying them down on their back. From tip to toe, doctors measure the length accurately and mark a dot on the growth chart. During the first 5 months, the standard increase in length of infants is about 30 percentile and above 50 percent by the first year. Normal length gain in the first year is typically 25 centimetres or 10 inches.
  2. Weight: New born babies loose approximately 5% to 7% weight just after they take birth.But, within 2 weeks they starts regaining weight again. By the end of 5 months, the weight of babies become double and gets three fold during the end of one year.
  3. Head Circumference:  The largest area of infant’s head is measured in this category. A measuring tape is used by the doctors which is revolved around the head and placed between the eyebrows and ears. This measurement is very important to know about baby’s brain size and development. Till the child become three years old, this measurement is regularly monitored by the doctors.


WHO Growth Chart For Boys

baby growth chart


WHO Growth Chart For Girls

baby growth chart

The WHO growth charts were released in 2006. It is a genuine and true growth standards.These growth charts are recommended by WHO to be used for calculation of infants overall growth (length, weight, head circumference) till first 24 months.

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