The First Trimester of Pregnancy

An Overview about Pregnancy

The first news about pregnancy is really exciting for mother and father. Alot of parents were waiting to hear this news and when the news about confirmation of pregnancy arrives they feel like on the top of the moon. Its a journey full of excitement,bliss,wait,and a bit struggle too which is worth it.So, enjoy this wonderful time and be positive!! Good luck!!

Congarts for pregnancy

Heartiest Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!!

Pregnancy, otherwise called gestation, is the time during which at least one embryo creates inside a ladies' body. There are also chances of multiple pregnancy such as having twins or triplets. A lady gets pregnant if a sperm prepares an egg and the treated egg goes into uterus, causes fruitful implantation which results in Pregnancy.

first trimester 

There are various methods to check whether you are pregnant or not. The first sign is missed periods. If you missed your period then you must do your pregnancy test which can be done at home with the help of a Pregnancy Test Kit.

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A healthy pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks or 9 months from the first day of your last Menstrual Period(LMP). These 9 months are divided into 3 equal time periods called Trimesters. Thus, there are three trimesters in pregnancy. The time period of first trimester is from week 1 to week 12. At this stage, you may not look pregnant but you must be surely feeling it.

first trimester 

In this initial stage of pregnancy, mother must take care of herself a lot as this is the most crucial stage. There are many changes in the body which takes place so this stage can be considered as most challenging too. There are few things which most commonly occurs in every women’s body such as:-

  • Morning Sickness – It is related with vomiting and Nausea which may strike at any time of the day. Some ladies may feel morning sickness in only the initial stages but others may experience it throughout their journey of pregnancy.
  • Mood Swings – Sometimes you may feel on the top of the moon and the other minute down in the dumps. Handling this attitude can be a bit tough for your hubby!! Unfortunately!
  • Tiredness – Yes! getting tired easily even after doing some small task is the other change. So don’t try to do heavy work at all and take extra care of yourself

These symptoms depends upon body to body. some women might not feel any of these symptoms at all. All you need to do is, rest more and eat smaller meals as eating heavily may not get digested properly.

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Doctor’s first appointment:

When you will find out the news about your pregnancy, the first step to do is take an appointment with your doctor. Choosing a right doctor is very momentous in this journey with whom you feel more comfortable. If you are not comfortable with the gynaecologist, you must take a step back and ask your family and friends about the best doctor in the town.
On your first visit to the doctor, he/she will take few tests to confirm your pregnancy. It will be

  • An Ultrasound
  • Blood tests ( to check blood group, Hb level, HIV, hepatitis etc)
  • check your weight
  • Test your Blood pressure
  • Have a thyroid test
  • Give you a due date

After your first check-up, doctor will tell you to come every 15 days or 20 days depending upon your health and situation. At around 11th week, a NT scan will be done which is Nuchal Translucency test to check development of baby’s head and neck. This test will help you to know whether the baby is suffering from Genetic Disorder or not known as Down Syndrome. if the test has LOW-RISK measurements then it means baby is least prone to this disease and if it is HIGH-RISK then doctor will tell you to take extra care and treat the baby accordingly

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