How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy ?

It is commonly seen that women have to undergo a lot of changes in their body during pregnancy. Changes related to weight,mood swings, body colour are almost faced by every women which may make them feel depressed and anxious. The most common skin issue faced by every women during pregnancy is having Stretch Marks on their body. These can be on tummy, thighs, lower back and hips. But what are they? How and why do they occur ? How can these be prevented or ameliorated ? Relax! All the questions will be answered here only by TINY PUMPKIN. Have a look:

What are Stretch Marks ?

Our skin has three layers; The Epidermis (outer layer), The Dermis (below Epidermis), The Subcutaneous tissue (mainly fat). Stretch marks are usually visible on the top most layer of our skin which is Epidermis and are located in Dermis. When a pregnant lady starts putting on weight it starts to appear (usually in the Second Trimester). These are also formed due to hormonal changes in the body because these hormones stretches the skin and causes Stretch Marks.

stretch marks during pregnancy

Stretch Marks are considered to be the painting done by your little baby on your body which you will remember always as these marks can fade away but not completely. Stretch marks can be of different colours depending upon your skin;pink, light brown, dark brown. Some believe that stretch marks during pregnancy can be due to genes also. That means, if your mother or grandmother had stretchmarks then you will likely to have it too. These can be itchy also this is because if your skin is too dry then it can cause irritation and itchiness.

What Causes Stretch Marks ?

pregnancy painting


Well! there are many reasons which causes these tiny lines on your skin. Stretch marks mostly occurs during pregnancy phase in 9 out of 10 ladies,so, don’t get worried if you are facing it too. Have a look at the reasons which causes this issue:

  1. Rapid Weight Gain: The most common culprit behind this is weight gain. Though it is necessary to gain a healthy weight during pregnancy. Thus, you can’t escape from having those marks.
  2. Having twins or triplets: Some pregnant ladies are blessed with multiple babies which causes the skin to expand more.Hence, they are likely to face this skin issue.
  3. Because of Genes: Stretch marks may travel from genes to genes. From your Great-Grand-Mother to your Grand-mother to your Mother then obviously to you. So, if they faced it you can’t be refrained as there are 90% chances that you will get those paintings too.
  4. Baby having more than average weight: If baby is having more than the normal weight it may cause more stretch marks to you.
  5. More amniotic fluid: A fluid surrounding your baby’s environment is called amniotic fluid. More level of this fluid is directly proportional to more number of stretch marks.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks ?


Though you cannot completely get rid of these marks which are stubborn, but you can lighten the tone of marks from your body by following some methods which are given below;

  1. Drink Plenty Of Water
  2. Have More Fluids
  3. Use Mixture of Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera Gel
  4. Consume Vitamin C
  5. Gain healthy Weight
  6. Consume Foods which can improve elasticity of skin
  7. Use Stretch Marks Oil or Creams

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