Top 8 Foods to Eat During Pregnancy for a Healthy Baby

Getting pregnant is one of the best phase in a women’s life. It comes with a lot of happiness, excitement and of course some struggles also. Pregnant women goes through so many questions in their mind about various things. But, the most important thing is what to eat during pregnancy? What are the food items should they avoid? Is there any eatable item which can harm their baby? And many many more…

Pregnancy food


Balancing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is paramount during pregnancy. You will need extra vitamins,minerals and nutrients to eat during this phase of life. You will definitely need to consume some extra calories( 300-450 each day) to maintain a healthy pregnancy. These calories must only be consumed through healthy food. In these nine months period, you need to avoid eating junk or fast food as this can negatively affect your baby’s growth and development.

Best Food To Have During Pregnancy

  1. Folic Acid: In the initial stages of pregnancy, your doctor will recommend you to add folic acid everyday in your diet. You have to consume folic acid even during all the nine months.folic acid

    Food items that contain folic acid are: Green vegetables, Cereals, rice, beans, citrus fruits such as orange juice.

  2. Dairy Products: For your growing fetus, calcium is very important and it is found in dairy products such as milk, curd, ghee, cheese, buttermilk. Adding these items in your daily diet will help in healthy growth of your baby.calcium


  3. Iron: To maintain level of haemoglobin in your body, iron products are very essential. Haemoglobin carries oxygen throughout the body.There should be proper balance of haemoglobin in mother’s body otherwise women and the child may have to suffer from various problems if the level of haemoglobin drops. Eat lean meat, Egg yolk, green vegetables like spinach and poultry.iron


  4. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is mainly found in oranges, broccoli, potato, lemon juice, guava. Vitamin C plays great role in growth and development of baby. It helps to boost your immune system too and helps in the maintenance of mother’s bones and teeth.vitamin c


  5. Protein: In the second trimester, alot of protein is needed for the holistic development of new born baby. Sources of protein are: fish, dried beans, eggs, sprouts, nuts.protein


  6. Legumes: Legumes are the perfect source of fibre which we get from plants. It is also rich in protein and calcium. The food sources of legumes are: peanuts, beans,chickpeas, peas

  7. legumes


    7. Fresh Fruits And Vegetables: Add plenty of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. These contains all the nutrients which you need everyday. Try to make a rainbow by adding every colour fruit such as red,green,orange,purple as these will act a s  a boon for you and baby. Fruits and veggies are loaded with fibre and refrain you from problems like constipation. Avoid papaya and pine apple during pregnancy;it can cause loose motions.

    fruits and veggies

    8. Nuts: These are rich in healthy fats, protein, vitamin, Omega-3 fatty acids. Adding nuts helps in development of baby’s brain.











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