Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a beautiful word as it sounds. But, as every flower has thrones so do pregnancy has. There are many obstacles through which women goes in the entire journey of pregnancy. Changes in skin are the most common one. Because of hormonal changes in the body many women face skin issues such as skin darkening, itching, marks on the face, stretch marks and many more. Owing to this, it can have negative impact on women’s confidence and mind set. But, as every dark cloud has a silver lining thus this problem can also be prevented before it occurs.Take a sneak peek into the methods of preserving your natural beauty during pregnancy.

How To Maintain Your Natural Beauty During Pregnancy.

In this time, you have to take super extra care about yourself. It is obvious that your body shape will change in this phase but don’t worry!! you can still look gorgeous while following these simple yet effective steps.

1. Stay hydrated -  It will work as a wonder.

Water is a gift of nature which contains vitamins and minerals in it. The utmost proportion of human’s body contains water.The first thing everyone will advice you to do during pregnancy is to drink plenty of water. It will nourish and hydrate your skin from within. It will help your skin from getting dry and itchy during pregnancy phase. All the toxins and infections will get flushed out from your body and is also useful to maintain adequate amniotic fluid in your body.Thusly, it is advised to consume nearly 2 litres of water in a day.

drinking water

2. Eating Healthy.

Consuming healthy food is directly related to you as well as your baby’s health. Be extra careful on what things you eat. Have foods which are rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It will add a glow to your skin when you will consume more fibre rich foods. Add fruits and vegetables in your diet plan. Make a diet chart by consulting your doctor and follow it everyday to get that sparkling glow.




3. Having Enough Sleep.

Some skin issues such as dark circles occurs due to lack of sleep. Optimum sleeping pattern is good for rejuvenating your mind and skin. To get proper and sound sleep try using maternity pillows which are easily available in the market. Don’t use gadgets before going to sleep as it can cause hindrance in getting Zzz.



4. Use Homemade Face and Hair Masks.

Home made remedies to get beautiful skin are very effective as it gives instant glow to your skin. These skin regimes are being used by many women since time immemorial. Use natural and plant based remedies to heal and nurture your skin. There are various ingredients in your kitchen which can work as wonders on your skin. Make your DIY masks at home and use these according to your skin type.

homemade beauty masks

5. Using Right Makeup.

Dear Mamas, avoiding harmful chemicals on skin is the best way to keep your skin glowing throughout the pregnancy. Use products which are chemical free and don’t contain parabens. There are plenty of brands in the market which sell these herbal cosmetics. Use foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara which are free from toxic chemicals.



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